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Big Bang goes to the future with Adventura Investments

Ljubljana, 20th September 2018 - Big Bang, the leading retailer in the field of home and consumer electronics sales in Slovenia, is starting a new chapter today. After all the suspension conditions were fulfilled and the Slovenian Competition Protection Agency gave its consent, Adventura Investments daughter company Bidigital paid EUR 18.61 mln to Merkur’s bankruptcy estate and became the 100% owner of Big Bang.

Adventura Investments has a majority 60% equity stake in Bidigital naložbe and the remaining 40% is owned by a subsidiary of York Capital Management Global Advisors LLC, a global investment firm founded in 1991 with affiliates in New York, London and Hong Kong, which is focused on investing in private and publicly owned companies that are in the process of reorganization and business change.

"Big Bang got more than just a financially stable and strong owner. It gained a partner for the future. Together with Big Bang’s management we will strive to accelerate the digitalization of business and provide a sound basis for further growth. Today Big Bang has an open door to the future, which will be shaped by the digitalization of business processes and all sales channels. On the other hand, today customers don’t want just a product, but a comprehensive service in one place. I am sure that Big Bang will continue to cope with all the challenges and with Adventura holding it will also have a strong and development-oriented owner," said Aleš Škerlak, the CEO of Adventura Investments and Bidigital naložbe.

”Successful company growth is based on employees and the introduction of new technologies in all the company’s processes and activities. We already saw positive changes in the consumer electronics market last year and now we can look to the future with more confidence in Big Bang as well. For the first time in a decade we have a financially strong owner, which will be a strong reassurance for our customers, business partners and suppliers,” said Aleš Ponikvar, the CEO of Big Bang.