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Advance Capital Partners PE Fund find will continue to pursue Adventura Investments objectives

Ljubljana, 6th September 2023 - In just eight years Adventura Investments became one of the largest Slovenian business groups, consisting of more than 10 companies from various sectors with almost 2000 employees and EUR 400m+ of total revenue. As business structure exceeded the existing corporate framework, the decision has been made to establish an independent private equity fund manager Advance Capital Partners. The latter will manage an alternative investment fund Advance Capital Partners d.d., AIS, k.d. in which Adventura Investments will be the key investor. The fund will continue to pursue Adventura Investments objective while meeting even higher professional standards, which will significantly facilitate its entry into new investments, further regional expansion of companies and achievement of ambitious goals.

Aleš Škerlak, co-owner and CEO of Adventura Investments, was appointed as the new Chairman of the Management Board of Advance Capital Partners. Former partner at East Capital Tim Umberger, who has been active in asset management in Central and Eastern Europe till now, and ex CEO of alternative investment management company Trigal Matej Runjak, who was actively involved in the most demanding M&A transactions and asset management in the past two decades, joined Škerlak as new board members of Advance Capital Partners. Entire investment team that was previously working in Adventura Investments also re-employed in Advance Capital Partners.

After obtaining all regulatory approvals and completion of suspensive conditions Adventura Investments will transfer its investments in Big Bang Group, which after last year’s entry in Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina is now expanding into Serbia, and leading Slovenian company for business digitalization Margis, which was formed by the merger of two successful IT companies. Primary focus of the fund, which will invest primarily in IT, renewable energy, retail, mobility, healthcare and industry, are investments in the range between EUR 10m and EUR 30m and the goal for each investment is to build a leading player in Adriatic region.

»We outgrew the story of Adventura Investments, which operated as a professional family office, much faster than we anticipated. Because we couldn't include all private and institutional investors, that in recent years expressed the desire for an event more in-depth cooperation, in existing structure, forming an independent private equity manager and alternative investment fund was the logical next step of our development. Target size of the fund, which will be subject to Security Market Agency supervision, will be EUR 200m which are expected to be invested in approximately 12 promising companies,« said Chairman of the Management Board Aleš Škerlak. »The fund will continue the investment philosophy, that Adventura Investments cultivated, as we’ll invest in majority equity stakes, and the target companies will be developed further in partnership with existing shareholders and management,« added Aleš Škerlak.

Adventura Investments will continue its operations as a private investments group, the largest investments of which will be a stake in the fund, managed by Advance Capital Partners. Adventura Investments will also keep its equity stakes in Nomago, Anticus (holder of SIXT franchise in Slovenia and Croatia), Nautical Center Liburnia and other smaller investments.

This message is informative in nature and is intended only to inform the public about the activities of Advance Capital Partners d.d. This message is not intended for (pre)marketing of units of the alternative investment fund Advance Capital Partners d.d., AIS, k.d.